This week in Year 6, in English we have been revisiting writing formally.  In H2 my class performed our class assembly about Changes.  In Year 5 they have been making clay models of what they would take on their trip to the Arctic with Ernest Shackleton (the famous explorer).  In geography they have been labelling countries on a map.

Moving on to Bramleyham, Year 4 have been writing a fact file on survival.  As we go down to Year 3, they have been learning how to be safe in cooking and have been enjoying the book, Mousehole Cat.  Down in Year 2, they have been learning all about Saint George.  Going on to Year 1, they have been making their own puppets using their imagination.  Lastly, Reception have been learning all about time and have been reading the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Remember Together Everyone Achieves More

By Jack Lelean and Lucie Hemsley

Head Boy and Head Girl