Entries by Karen Norman

8th December

This week in Hemstalls, classes have been learning and revisiting lessons.  In English, Year 6 have been looking at a poem called ‘The Highwayman’.  In Year 5 they were writing a little bit of the nativity story.  In Year 4, they were writing a long big write all about Varjak Paw.  Finally, in Year 3 […]

Safe at School Accreditation

We are incredibly proud to be awarded the Safe at School accreditation, a national prize for our work on anti-bullying.  Well done to everyone, a whole school approach led by Mrs Davin.

1st December 2017

This week Hemstalls have been doing a variety of different lessons.  Yesterday morning H3 have been finding missing numbers in an addition square.  They have also been answering questions in topic to do with Aztec art.  In art and science we made a cardboard torch using the correct materials.  In Year 5, they have been […]

24th November 2017

During this week, Hemstalls have been getting up to all sorts of different lessons.  In English (in Year 6) we have been learning about the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’.  In this play, Macbeth kills the king and becomes king himself.  At the end, Macbeth gets defeated by Macduff and Scotland was saved!  In maths, we have […]

17th November 2017

Throughout this week Hemstalls have been learning all sorts of things.  As you are aware, this week has been based around ‘Friendship’.  In ICT, H2 have been creating a game, in Scratch, all about friendship.  Another thing linking friendship is the story we have been drafting about the Lonely Beast.  In Year 5 (English) they […]

10th November 2017

This week in Hemstalls we have been learning all sorts of new things such as weighing in maths and also different measurements.  In English we have been drafting a for and against argument for the reasons why animals shouldn’t be killed after the First World War.  In Science, we have learnt all about the different […]

3rd November 2017

This week in Hemstalls our classes have been learning many things.  Something we have been doing in English is creating a World War One fact file about how it started and which countries were involved.  In ICT we made a leaflet or powerpoint about internet safety.  During DT we were learning about torches and how they function. […]

20th October 2017

During this week, Hemstalls have been competing in and out of school hockey tournaments.  On Tuesday, some people in Hemstalls were doing an in school hockey event.  The greys and the blues were lucky enough to compete against each other in the finals.  Lucky for them, greys came out on top 2-1.  In lessons we […]

13th October 2017

This week has been a very exciting week as it has mainly been based on harvest! In maths, we have been doing fractions of amounts and percentages of amounts, linking into harvest.  H3 have performed their class assembly about Aztecs as well as harvest. Down in Bramleyham, some children in both years have competed in a […]

6th October 2017

Hello everyone, our names are Jack Lelean and Lucie Hemsley and we are the new Head Boy and Head Girl.  We hope you enjoy our blogs each week. In Hemstalls this week we have been doing many fun lessons and exciting activities.  In cooking we made some delicious pizza with amazing toppings and lovely dough.  H3 […]