Entries by Karen Norman

21st March

In Year 6 this week we have been writing two diary entries about a book we have recently started reading called Floodland.  Year 5 have also been reading a new and exciting book called the London Eye Mystery.  They have also been doing a whole week of assessments.  In Year 4 this week, they have […]

9th February

In Year 6 this week, we have been revisiting all sorts of lessons unlike last week when the school was closed for three days due to the snow! In English this week, we have been writing and creating our own mystery story.  As well as doing this, Year 6 have been practising their SATs.  In […]

23rd February 2018

This week in Hemstalls we have been watching a video about a man who crashes a car on the mountain and escapes!  In Maths we have been identifying the properties of geometric shapes using Carroll and Venn diagrams.  In Year 4 they have been learning about French units of money. In Year 3, they have […]

9th February 2018

In Hemstalls, we have been learning different things and have been revisiting all sorts of lessons.  In Year 6, we have been creating our own e-Safety posters about 4 golden rules that are important to us when online.  In Year 5, they have recently just finished their Ernest Shackleton work.  In Bramleyham, they have all […]

2nd February 2018

In Hemstalls, Year 6 have been adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions.  Yesterday, Year 6, also learnt about Russia Biomes.  Moving on to Year 5, they have been doing comprehension and also have been writing biographies of Ernest Shackleton. Down in Bramleyham, Year 4 have been cooking jam tarts.  They have also been learning their […]

19th January 2018

This week in Year 6, in English we have been revisiting writing formally.  In H2 my class performed our class assembly about Changes.  In Year 5 they have been making clay models of what they would take on their trip to the Arctic with Ernest Shackleton (the famous explorer).  In geography they have been labelling […]

12th January 2018

During the first week, after being away for two weeks, we have been getting up to all sorts of different lessons.  In English we have been reading a new exciting book called ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman.  In H2, we have been practicing for our class assembly all about changes.  In Year 5, they […]

17th December

In Year 6 this week we have been writing, in our own words ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. In maths we have been working on fraction word problems. We watched the Roundwood Nativity assembly which we enjoyed, along with the rest of the school. In Year 5 they have been making Christmas cards for […]

8th December

This week in Hemstalls, classes have been learning and revisiting lessons.  In English, Year 6 have been looking at a poem called ‘The Highwayman’.  In Year 5 they were writing a little bit of the nativity story.  In Year 4, they were writing a long big write all about Varjak Paw.  Finally, in Year 3 […]

Safe at School Accreditation

We are incredibly proud to be awarded the Safe at School accreditation, a national prize for our work on anti-bullying.  Well done to everyone, a whole school approach led by Mrs Davin.