Teaching and Support staff

ClassTeacherSupport StaffYear GroupNumber of Children
R3Mrs HussainMrs K CalowReception30
R4Miss O SmithMrs C GibbsReception30
R1Mrs O RaymondMrs A CroasdellYear 130
R2Miss D DayMrs N JonesYear 130
R5Mrs GingellMrs S LawYear 230
R6Miss L GottsMrs D OakleyYear 230
B1Miss R BettridgeMrs L HeelanYear 320
B2Miss S McCannMrs L HeelanYear 320
B3Mrs D SmartMrs T StanleyYear 430
B4Miss A BassantMrs L Mayo
Mrs G Spurgeon
Year 430
H2Mrs C NurdinMrs B OsiboduYear 522
H3Mr L JordanMrs J CorleyYear 523
H1Mrs S Goss and Mrs S BassettMrs K Cordingley
Mrs T Feller
Year 628
H4Mrs LednorMiss S MillgateYear 630

Curriculum roles in the school

Miss S LednorKS2, Language Rich Lead, E-safety, NQT Induction
Mrs S GingellFS & KS1, Maths, Reasoning & Scientific Lead, NQT Induction
Mrs S GossLanguage Rich, LAC, EVC
Mrs H DavinPSHE, More Able, NQT Induction, Thinking Well Lead, Worship, Feedback on Learning
Miss R BettridgeComputing
Mr L JordanRE, Philosophy for Education, NQT mentor
Mrs C NurdinScience, Healthy Schools, NQT Mentor
Mrs S BassettGeography
Miss A BassantPE
Mrs S HussainArts Lead & Art
Miss O RaymondHistory, MFL
Mrs D SmartDT
Miss L GottsMusic, Gifted and Talented
Miss O SmithECO
Miss S McCannWOW, ECO