Health and Welfare

If a child is taken ill during the school day and clearly is unhappy we will contact parents and suggest the child is collected.  Please ensure that the school has up to date contact numbers.  If a child is fit to return to school after illness but has medication to finish, it is quite in order for parents to come to the school (via the office) and administer a dose.  However, we do realise that there are occasions when a child needs to take medicine when there is a condition which is likely to cause regular concern eg. asthma.  In cases of asthma, the school needs to be informed, in writing, and inhalers can be kept in the child’s classroom in a named, zipped bag with the required dosage.  These inhalers can then be used when required and also taken on school trips.  Please be sure to keep asthma pumps within the expiry date.  For the safety of all children we do ask that children themselves should not be provided with medicine without our knowledge.  Forms for administration of medicine can be collected from the school office.

No Smoking School

New Ash Green School is a non-smoking school.  The school is committed to improving the health of all our children and staff, as well as that of other members of our school community.  This also includes the area adjacent to the school gates.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

KCC No Smoking Policy

Head Lice

At present parents need to take on the responsibility for regularly checking their child’s hair.  We do consider it good practice to let parents know if there is an outbreak of head lice, in the form of a letter to the whole class, so that children can be checked more frequently at home during this time period.  Treatment should only be administered if live lice are seen on the head.  Combing regularly with a head lice comb will prevent infestation.