11th December

Good morning, 

This week, Roundwood have been learning about the very special Nativity Story and enjoyed making and painting clay stars that they will take home to decorate their Christmas trees. 

 In Year 1, they have been having lots of fun filming their dances for the Key Stage 1 nativity. In maths, they have been learning about shapes and their properties. 

In Year 2, they have been busy filming ‘Christmas with the Aliens’. They have also been using written methods to add and subtract large numbers and writing poetry about dinosaurs. 

Next, Year 3 have been challenging themselves to with division in maths and curiously exploring the Great Barrier Reef to create a fact file in English. 

Year 4 have been sewing their poison dart frogs and learning how to thread needles and use a blanket stitch. In Geography we have learned about the animals of the rainforest and completed posters about them. 

Now in Hemstalls, Year 5 have almost finished reading Shakleton’s Journey and been enjoying recording the events of the crew members in their log books. In Maths they have been reading line graphs. Both classes have enjoyed recording their parts for the KS2 Christmas Show. 

Finally, Year 6 have been publishing their retelling of A Christmas Carol. They have enjoyed playing the trading game and learning about trade in Geography. Both classes enjoyed their Christmas parties on Wednesday. 

Remember, together everyone achieves more.