13th November

Starting with Year 3, they have been retelling the amazing story of the Heavenly Elephant. In Maths, they have using their resilience to
tackle column subtraction. Year 4 have been busy learning many things! They have been writing an informal letter from the World War I trenches. They have looked at both multiplication and division in maths.

Year 5 have been writing their own war poetry to celebrate Remembrance Day, which was on the Wednesday 11th of November.
In maths, they have been self-motivated and used all four operations! In PE, Year 5 have begun recording their scores for the
virtual Sports Hall Athletics competition.

Now on to Year 6, we havebeen learning about the Linnaeus System in Science, as well as learning the Latin names for animals like fox and cat. In maths, we have interpreted bar charts and line graphs to do with Fairtrade.

Next, in Roundwood Reception have been making their own poppies for Remembrance Day. Year 1 have been learning about the adventurous Paddington Bear and writing fact files all about him. In maths they have embraced challenge and used number lines to find missing numbers. Finally, for Roundwood, year 2 have been studying the size of dinosaur footprints! In maths, they have been learning about times and divide in maths.

The whole school honoured Remembrance Day on Wednesday by holding a two-minute silence at 11am.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More.