In Hemstalls this week we have been doing fun activities.  In Year 6, in maths, we have been creating a theme park and managing our 5 million pound budget!  In English, we have been free-writing and using a picture to base our piece of writing around.  Year 5 have been doing many activities outside.  They have also been writing using suspense.  Lower, in Year 4 they have been reading the story of Charlotte’s Web.

Moving on, Year 3 have been reading the book called ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’. They have also been using 2D and 3D in maths.  Down in Year 2, they have been reading the book called ‘The Vegetarian Dragon’ and have been writing a diary entry pretending they were the dragon.   In Year 1, they have been learning how to use apostrophes in their writing.  Lastly, in Reception, they had a wonderful time on their visit to the aquarium.

Remember Together Everyone Achieves More.

By Jack Lelean and Lucie Hemsley

Head Boy and Head Girl