Firstly, in Year 6, they have been debating a balanced argument for the Big Write.  As well as this, Year 5 and 6 came 3rd in a Hockey Tournament.  Also, Year 5 have been learning about place value and decimals.

Next, in Year 4, they have been solving word problems on money and have been making control panels for our TARDIS!

Down in Year 3, they have been drawing wonderful Tudor portraits and in maths they have been learning to multiply and divide.

In the year below, Year 2 have been making fruit salad for their Tudor Banquet and performed a Tudor dance too!

Year 1 have been learning about shapes and writing poems about Space.

Lastly, Reception have been comparing themselves to when they were babies.  They were very cute!

Remember Together Everyone Achieves More.

By Ethan and Izzy

Head Boy and Head Girl