20th September

Welcome back to all at New Ash Green Primary School.  I am William, the Head Boy and I am Eve, the Head Girl.  We are both so excited for the upcoming year.  Last week, we all spent the first three days getting to know our new class teacher.

This week, we have all be settling into our class routines and starting our learning for the year.  Also, welcome to our new reception children who started at New Ash Green on Monday.

This week, in Reception, they have been staying for lunch and have been painting portraits of themselves.  Also, they have been learning and talking about their families.

Next, in Year 1, they have been using money in maths and have been writing about the ‘Baboon on the Moon’.  They have made the Baboon a friend.

Up a year in Year 2, they have been reading Herb the Vegetarian Dragon and have been hot-seating the characters.

In Year 3, they have been ordering numbers up to 1,000 and beyond! Also, they have written a story about time travelling to the Stone Age.

Up in Year 4, they have been revisiting place value and have read the poem Beowulf in English.

Next, in Year 5, they have been learning about the Globe Theatre in preparation for their school trip next week.

Finally, in Year 6 we have been rounding decimals and preparing to write a balanced argument based on the image of a young boy doing his homework in the street.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More

By Eve and William

Head Girl and Head Boy