21st May 2021

Blog- Friday 21st May 

This week in Roundwood, Reception have continued to learn about African animals in the Savannah and used their creative writing to describe animals and guess who they are! In maths they have been learning all about one more than and one less than numbers beyond 20! 

In Year 1, they have written their own Tinga Tale about why the butterfly has colourful wings. In maths they have been learning about capacity and volume and measuring this using non standard units.  

This week, the children in Year 2 have each written their own fable and have been drawing and using arrays whilst learning about multiplication.  

Next, Year 3 have been writing persuasive speeches to convince others that the dark should be banned, just like in the book The King Who Banned The Dark. They have also been challenging themselves with creating moving mechanisms.   

Furthermore, Year 4 have been learning all newspaper reports through the story of Varjak Paw. In maths, they have looked at capacity and converting between ml and litres. 

Year 5 have been learning about The Windrush in their English lessons and are reading a book called Windrush Child by Benjamin ZephaniaThey have had a very busy week taking part in the cross country and watching the Fantastic Fred workshop about keeping their mental health healthy.   

Lastly, year 6 have been enjoyed being creative in their English lessons this week. They created their own scene using pastels based on The Highwayman poem. We all challenged ourselves this week when running the cross country! 

Remember, together everyone achieves more. 

By Georgie W and Chloe S

Head Boy and Head Girl