24th January

To begin with, Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. They have learnt Chinese numbers and Chinese dances.

Next, Year 1 have been learning division. Also, they have been learning exciting facts about pirates!

Subsequently, Year 2 have continued their topic on The Great Fire of London, in particular learning about Samuel Pepys. In maths, they have been solving word problems.

Up a year, in Year 3, they have been reading the story ‘I Was a Rat!’ by Philip Pullman. In Science, they have been studying different types of skeletons.

Year 4 have been developing their skills in addition and subtraction. In English, they have been writing a dialogue.

Now in Hemstalls, Year 5 have been writing about Hercules. In addition, they have been creating their own vases.

To conclude, Year 6 have started to read a new book called ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, they will be writing a diary entry based on the story. In Science, we have been memorising symbols that make up an electrical circuit.