Our blog is back after a few weeks out!  Apologies for that.

In Year 6 we have been writing about ‘if you find this’ into our big write books.  Also, in art we have been making Tudor houses.  Moving on, Year 5 have been writing a prequel to the Heavenly Elephant!  They have also been using number lines to help telling the time. Down to Year 4, they have been looking at ‘The Heavenly Elephant’ and doing bus-stop method in maths.  In Year 3, they have been practising division using an empty number line and, again, they have been reading ‘The Heavenly Elephant’.

Into Roundwood, Year 2 specifically have written a story about The Great Fire of London, and in maths have been learning about pictograms.  Year 1, however, have been doubling and halving in maths plus describing Katie Morags Grannies.