27th November

This week has been another busy week! Reception have been reading ‘The Owl who was Scared of the Dark’. Also, they have made their own telescope to look at the stars. Next, Year 1 have been writing stories about a time they lost a toy. In maths they have been challenging themselves to count in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. Also, they are beginning to understand multiplication as repeated addition. In Year 2, they have used salt dough to make a dinosaur egg. They have been learning times table facts in maths. Year 2 have been self-motivated in making their writing interesting to read.

Now on to Bramleyham. Year 3 have been performing poetry written by Joseph Coelho. They have been curious when exploring the Great Wave by Hokusai. Year 4 have been challenging themselves when analysing poetry. In maths, they have been learning about symmetry and angles. In Hemstalls, Year 5 have started to read Shackleton and in maths they have been learning about time. Finally, Year 6 have been learning how to solve problems with ratio in maths. In English they have been using their independence to rewrite The Tempest by William Shakespeare from the perspective of Caliban, who is half sea monster half human.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More.