27th September

To start off with reception have been looking around the school and getting used to spending a whole day at school.  Up in Year 1 they have been practising subtraction and reading the man on the moon.  Next in Year 2 they have been learning about Henry VIII and painting castles in their art lessons.

In Year 3 they have been reading about a talking albatross and a mermaid.  They have also been practising their column addition in maths.  Up in Year 4 they have been reading Beowulf and have been subtracting and estimating numbers in maths.  Next, in Year 5, they have gone on an exciting school trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.  Finally, Year 6 have been learning about BODMAS in maths and preparing to write a setting description in English.

Remember Together Everyone Achieves More

By William and Eve

Head Boy and Head Girl