At New Ash Green Primary we have celebrated the start of May.  Year 5 have been voting for their new May King and Queen.

In Reception, they have been painting symmetrical butterflies and writing diary entries of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Next in Year 1, they have been writing about the snail and the whale.  In Year 2, they have been  making dinosaur eggs of salt dough and reading Tyrannosaurs Drip and learning about word problems.  Year 3 have been making strong structures in Science, also painting Marilyn Monroe in the style of Andy Warhol.  On to Year 4 they have learnt column methods and written about The Matchbox Diary book they have been reading.  Up to Year 5 in English they have written a character study for Alex Rider and in maths they practised timetables.  In Year 6 they have been practising for their SATs with multiple tests and have also been doing art with Mrs Cain.

Remember Together Everyone Achieves More.

By Isabelle Love and Ethan Welham

Head Girl and Head Boy