25th September

Hi my name is Ben and I am standing in for Georgie.

This week has been a busy week at school. Reception have been settling into their new classes and have been completing full days. We would like to welcome them to New Ash Green and say well done for such a good start.

In Year 1, they have been looking at Baboon on the Moon in English. In science they have been learning about space events from the past.

In Year 2, they have been learning about The Great Fire of London and have created art to show their learning. They have also written a letter from Samuel Pepys to the King. In maths, they have been learning about place value.

This week, in Year 3, they have been learning about different types of rocks in science. They have also been using the book, Gregory Cool, to inspire diary entries.

Year 4 have also been busy. They have learn about electricity in science and made their own series circuits. During English, they have been sharing the thrilling story of Beowulf and have written descriptive reports on the beast Grendel.

As part of their Tudors topic, Year 5 have been reading Treason in English. In maths, they have been looking at money. They have also really enjoyed creating dragon eyes out of clay.

Finally, Year 6 have been reading Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. This inspired them to write balanced arguments about schooling for children in developing countries. They have also been learning about BODMAS and algebra in maths. In art, they have been designing their tree sculptures and are looking forward to making them soon.

Well done for all of your hard work this week and remember…

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More!