7th February 2020

Starting with Year 6, we have been writing a newspaper report on the declaration of World War II. We have been using percentages in maths.

Next, in Year 5, they have been looking at shape and angles in maths. Also, they have been looking at the story of Odysseus.

In Bramleyham, Year 4 have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell in their English and Science lessons. Additionally, they have been looking at fractions in maths.

In Year 3, they have been writing a newspaper report based on ‘I Was a Rat!’. They have been learning about Boudicca in topic.

Now, in Roundwood, Year 2 have been writing non-fiction reports on The Great Fire of London. In maths they have been using the bar model for fractions. Roundwood 1 performed a fantastic class assembly to the school and parents too.

In Year 1, they have been writing pirate poems! They have learnt how to tell the time with o’clock and half past.

Finally, in Reception, they have been hot seating pretending to be St. George. They have been developing their painting skills, whilst painting knights.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More!