8th March 2019

Our Blog is back!

In Foundation Stage they have been reading about an old bear who came down from the attic and had some adventures.  In Year 1 they have been finding the difference between 2 numbers and been writing a letter pretending to be a pirate.  Year 2 have been busy reading a story of how to find gold and have been writing directions on how to find it!  We hope they found some!

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 in maths have been learning fractions whilst in English they have been writing a story titled ‘Window’.  They created some interesting stories.  In Year 4 they have been sewing!  They made Rainforest animals and have also been writing their own stories titled ‘Window’.  They had some amazing ideas too!  Year 5 have been learning angles and algebra in maths and English has been all about creating stories about a little red yarn person.  We think they did extremely well with their writing.  Year 6 have been very busy also with their problem solving in maths.  In Art they recreated a painting by Kandinsky using only recycled materials.

Remember – Together Everyone Achieves More

By Isabelle Love and Ethan Welham

Head Girl and Head Boy