9th October

This week, down in Reception, they have been using apples to print repeating patterns.


Year 1 have been learning about money in maths. They have been using 1 and 2 pence coins to make small amounts. In English, they have been thinking about and predicting what they would see through a telescope.


Moving onto Year 2, they have been thinking about how animals are suited to their habitat, measuring length in maths and discovering the features of non-fiction books.


This week, Year 3 have been putting events of the Stone Age in order on a timeline and are looking forward to their Stone Age day today.


In maths in Year 4, they have been learning to accurately measure with a ruler in both centimetres and millimetres. They have also been learning how to find perimeter. In English, Year 4’s adventures with Beowulf continue and they have written stories about Beowulf’s battle with the evil sea-hag!


Year 5 have been finishing their work on Treason and in maths they are learning how to divide. In art, they have been practising their sketching skills with different pencils, ready to start their Tudor portraits.


Finally, in Year 6 they have been focusing on their mental health this week. They are looking forward to mental health day today. They have also enjoyed learning about the Shang Dynasty, particularly about Fu Hao and dragon bones.


That’s it for this week and remember, together everyone achieves more!