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11th December

Good morning,  This week, Roundwood have been learning about the very special Nativity Story and enjoyed making and painting clay stars that they will take home to decorate their Christmas trees.   In Year 1, they have been having lots of fun filming their dances for the Key Stage 1 nativity. In maths, they have been […]

4th December

In Reception, they have been using repeated patterns to make paper chains for Christmas decorations. They have also been wishing upon a star. This week in Year 1 we have been creating missing posters for the bear’s teddy and in maths we have been learning about division as sharing. In Year 2 they have been busy […]

27th November

This week has been another busy week! Reception have been reading ‘The Owl who was Scared of the Dark’. Also, they have made their own telescope to look at the stars. Next, Year 1 have been writing stories about a time they lost a toy. In maths they have been challenging themselves to count in […]

13th November

Starting with Year 3, they have been retelling the amazing story of the Heavenly Elephant. In Maths, they have using their resilience to tackle column subtraction. Year 4 have been busy learning many things! They have been writing an informal letter from the World War I trenches. They have looked at both multiplication and division […]

6th November 2020

This week, Reception have been writing about fireworks in their Literacy. In maths, they have been ordering objects by size. Next, Year 1 have been learning about nouns and verbs and identifying them in sentences. In maths, they have been learning about place value and making teen numbers with dienes. Finally, in Roundwood, Year 2 […]

23rd October

This week the whole school has been very busy. Year 6 have been learning about shape in maths and how to find missing angles in shapes. They have also published their newspaper reports based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.   Year 5 have been planning and writing a description of a fantasy setting. […]

16th October

This week, Year 6 have been consolidating their maths learning for the term and applying what they have learned in to answering challenging questions. In English, they have been preparing to write a newspaper report based on the trials at the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Some of Year 6 embraces challenge […]

9th October

This week, down in Reception, they have been using apples to print repeating patterns.   Year 1 have been learning about money in maths. They have been using 1 and 2 pence coins to make small amounts. In English, they have been thinking about and predicting what they would see through a telescope.   Moving […]

2nd October

This week has been another busy week at school. Year 1 have been using manipulatives to work out subtraction questions and learning to put the biggest numbers first in subtraction number sentences. They have also been creating alien hideouts to go with the story ‘The Man on the Moon.’ This week Year 2 have been […]

25th September

Hi my name is Ben and I am standing in for Georgie. This week has been a busy week at school. Reception have been settling into their new classes and have been completing full days. We would like to welcome them to New Ash Green and say well done for such a good start. In […]