Entries by Karen Norman

7th February 2020

Starting with Year 6, we have been writing a newspaper report on the declaration of World War II. We have been using percentages in maths. Next, in Year 5, they have been looking at shape and angles in maths. Also, they have been looking at the story of Odysseus. In Bramleyham, Year 4 have been […]

31st January 2020

This week, Reception have been writing letters to Prince Charming. Next, Year 1 have been writing pirate stories. In maths, they have been learning about money. Up a year, Year 2 have been working with grams in maths. Also, they have been writing a story about the Great Fire of London. In Art, they have […]

24th January

To begin with, Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. They have learnt Chinese numbers and Chinese dances. Next, Year 1 have been learning division. Also, they have been learning exciting facts about pirates! Subsequently, Year 2 have continued their topic on The Great Fire of London, in particular learning about Samuel Pepys. In […]

17th January

This week in Year 6, we have preparing and writing a biography about Winston Churchill. Also, we have started to plan our own text adventure on Purple Mash. Next, in Year 5, they have been studying percentages in maths. They have been learning about Hercules as part of their new topic Ancient Greece. In Year […]

29th November

Starting with Reception, they have been curious when programming Bee Bots and have been making wishes. In Year 1, they have been working hard in Maths to learn how to double and halve numbers. In Spelling, they have been adding the suffix -d to their words. Next, in Year 2, they have been doing some […]

8th November

First of all, in reception they have been learning about fireworks and making 3D poppies.  Next, in Year 1 they have learnt about Paddington and wrote amazing fact files about him.  Up a year, into Year 2 they have made dinosaur eggs out of salt dough and have been learning chaining. Up in Bramleyham, Year […]

27th September

To start off with reception have been looking around the school and getting used to spending a whole day at school.  Up in Year 1 they have been practising subtraction and reading the man on the moon.  Next in Year 2 they have been learning about Henry VIII and painting castles in their art lessons. […]

20th September

Welcome back to all at New Ash Green Primary School.  I am William, the Head Boy and I am Eve, the Head Girl.  We are both so excited for the upcoming year.  Last week, we all spent the first three days getting to know our new class teacher. This week, we have all be settling […]

14th June

At New Ash Green we have an exciting week, in spite of the weather! Firstly, in Reception, they have been reading the Rainbow Fish and finding out what makes a good friend.  They have also been learning about 3D shapes.  Secondly, Year 1 have been writing fairy tales and in maths they have been telling […]