Entries by Karen Norman

15th March 2019

This week we had a very special visit from a Great British hurdler called Giani Frankis and everyone took part in some great activities.  In reception they have been role playing money in maths and doing a mini beast hunt.  Onto year 1, they  have learnt anti-clockwise and clockwise and in English they have been […]

8th March 2019

Our Blog is back! In Foundation Stage they have been reading about an old bear who came down from the attic and had some adventures.  In Year 1 they have been finding the difference between 2 numbers and been writing a letter pretending to be a pirate.  Year 2 have been busy reading a story […]

30th November

The whole school have had an excellent week. In Year 6, we have been rewriting ‘The Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens in our own words. Next, in Year 5, they have been writing a prequel to The Heavenly Elephant. They have now finished their cookery lessons and are planning their Macbeth theatre boxes.  In Year […]

27th November 2018

Our blog is back after a few weeks out!  Apologies for that. In Year 6 we have been writing about ‘if you find this’ into our big write books.  Also, in art we have been making Tudor houses.  Moving on, Year 5 have been writing a prequel to the Heavenly Elephant!  They have also been […]

19th October 2018

Firstly, in Year 6, they have been debating a balanced argument for the Big Write.  As well as this, Year 5 and 6 came 3rd in a Hockey Tournament.  Also, Year 5 have been learning about place value and decimals. Next, in Year 4, they have been solving word problems on money and have been […]

13th July

This week in Hemstalls, with only two weeks left of school, we have been finishing off our learning.  As well as this Year 6 have mainly been rehearsing their production.  Moving on to Year 4 in Bramleyham, they have been learning about shapes and angles in maths and have been writing about the deforestation in the […]

Children In Need

Thank you for your kind donations for Children in Need again this year.  Your generosity raised £338.10. Thank you again, we do really appreciated your support.

29th June

This week in Year 6 we have been writing letters to Year 5 about what happens in Year 6.  Down in Year 5, they have been enjoying drawing in art and H4 performed an amazing assembly on what has happened in Year 5.  In Bramleyham, Year 4 have been using the Learn Pads to research […]

22nd June

This week in Hemstalls, Year 6 have been learning our Year 6 production songs.  We have also been creating a theme park or our own island.  In year 5, they have been getting up to interesting things.  The most interesting being, dissecting a flower in science.  Lower in Year 4, they have been completing lots […]