Sports Events


Tri-golf tournament

Following the success of our Tri-golf tournament, which all of Bramleyham took part in. Ten children from Year 4 were chosen to represent the Dartford schools area at the Kent Finals. They had to complete a number of different golfing challenges including pitching and putting skills. The scores, were then collated and compared with the other eight schools representing the different areas of Kent. We are pleased to announce that New Ash Green came third in the competition and medals will be arriving shortly for our team.

Royal St. Georges Golf Course is in Sandwich, it was hosting the 149th British Open and the children were given the opportunity to visit the course and watch some of the professionals practising. The children had a great day and represented the school very well.


Certificates have been awarded to those children who came  1st, 2nd or 3rd in our school cross country event.

These times were then compared with the other Dartford Schools and we congratulate Matilda Holliday in Year 5 who will receive the Bronze medal for coming third overall in the whole of the Dartford area.

District Football Team

Gravesham District have forwarded medals, certificates and photographs to Lewis Miller-Wills, George Houlding and Albert Armstrong for their contribution to this year’s team. Despite the disruption caused by COVID the coach was extremely pleased with the commitment the children showed.

Fit4kids workshop

To end this term we had an amazing workshop from Fit4kids where we all learnt about the importance of a balanced diet and keeping active.

We had great fun learning about the different food groups and taking part in the fitness circuit.  It has inspired us to keep a healthy lifestyle.

School Games Day 2021

This term we saw the whole school take to the field for their School Games Day. During the morning children took part in their field events. These comprised of penalty shots, basketball hoops, golf and badminton. Everybody gave it their all to score as many points as possible for their house. The afternoon saw all year groups heading to the track for the racing events of skipping, running, egg and spoon and obstacle. All children had a fun time with many of them coming away feeling very proud of themselves.

KS1 also had their sports day to show their athletic skills competing in a number of different races on the track. Despite the very warm weather, they all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The winning house were Dover with 1,461 points, followed by joint second place for Hever and Rochester with 1303 points, Leeds achieved 1108 points.  Very well done everyone for such a fantastic event!

This term has been very busy for PE activities not only are all classes still participating in our Daily Mile Destinations – travelling around the world visiting 15 countries on their route. They have also all been taking part in this terms competitions.

Infant Agility

The children in Year 1 and 2 started off the term competing in their Infant Agility which involved running, throwing and jumping. All children enjoyed the activities. The results were sent to our School Games Organiser and compared with the other Dartford Schools. Overall we came 6th and children who were placed within the top five distances/times for each event will be receiving a School Games certificate.


Next was the turn of our Year 3 and 4 children who took part in the Tri-Golf competition. This showcased their pitching and putting skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day despite the very strong winds. We definitely have some budding golfers amongst us. Again the scores were sent off to our School Games Organiser to be collated and we await the results.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Year 5 and 6 were eager to join in their day of activities, including map reading and orienteering, obstacle course and the ultra web. The children took part in their house groups earning house points for each activity for listening, co-operation, teamwork and encouragement.  At the end of the two sessions the winning house was Leeds with 275 points.

Cross Country

Normally New Ash Green School would host the Cross Country for all the Dartford Schools but due to the restrictions this is not possible this year and therefore we are running the competition virtually with all schools completing the courses in their own grounds and then times being collated by New Ash Green. Pupils in Year 3 and 4 ran 1km and Year 5 and 6 ran 1.5km. The fastest three boys and girls in each year group will then be placed within the Dartford Schools group. Everybody gave the distance a go and tried their best with all children feeling very proud of their achievement at the end.