Andy Goldsworthy

Half Term Holiday Activities

Please find a list of suggested things to do or try whilst you are spending your Half Term at home:

To note – these are simply ideas; feel free to ‘cherry-pick’ and choose those that take your fancy. 

  • Recreate a book cover – either draw, collage or recreate with people/toys and take a photo
  • Organise a home ‘movie night’ – make cinema tickets that state the chosen film, time of showing & cinema screen! In advance of the showing create a cosy space and take orders from your ‘customers’ for their chosen drinks and snacks. Enjoy! ​​
  • In the style of Andy Goldsworthy, create a natural sculpture using leaves, twigs and petals. 
  • Missing football? Make your own table football following the instructions and examples shown at:  Choose the teams – maybe New Ash Green Vs Liverpool – and get ready for some live action. Goal!! 
  • Complete your own Rainbow Scratch Art:
  • Play a paper aeroplane target game! Using a large piece of card or paper, make a selection of different shaped holes with numbers – the highest number for the smallest hole – then, tape the target to a door frame . See who can get the highest score.
  • Create your own lava lamp! Follow the step by step instructions at:
  • Calling all budding photographers! Challenge yourself to complete a ‘The Great Outdoors’ photo journal. Can you find and capture pictures of different birds or insects during your time outdoors? Maybe you could experiment with different shades of light in your photos just as we have tried in our sketching in school. Set yourself a number of photos to take a day and try not to copy one you have done before! 
  • Take a tour of a Royal Residence (including Buckingham Palace!)
  • Garden Obstacle Course – create an obstacle course in your garden for your family using household and garden objects. Time those who take part and see if you can beat their time.

Most of all…. Take care, stay safe & have a very happy Half Term holiday!

With best wishes from the Hemstalls and Bramleyham team.

Xx xX