Pressed flowers

Learning at Home for the Holiday

Here are some activities that you might like to choose from over the next week:

You could create a junk modelling art gallery.

Make some models out of junk and display them in your front garden for people to see as they walk by. Have a look online for some fun junk modelling ideas. 

You could theme a whole day around your favourite book, book character or superhero. You could dress up, decorate your house and create fun activities that you could do during the day. 

Try pressing flowers.

You could collect some flowers from your garden or on a walk. Watch the video clips to find out what to do.

Do something kind for someone each day.

Maybe phone a relative to make them feel happy, help to wash a car, send a card to someone, make your bed, put some food or water outside for the birds.

Create a forest or animal out of Lego and make a loo roll bird feeder!

Have a look at the Woodland Trust’s website for some brilliant ideas.

Collect some sticks from a walk or in your garden.

How many different 2D shapes can you make? Can you make 3D shapes with the sticks? How could you join them together?

Have a movie night!

Vote on a movie to watch. Will you have a dress code? What refreshments will there be? You could make tickets for the people who are going to be watching the movie. Are the tickets and refreshments free or will people have to pay?

Build a bug hotel.

It could be large or small. Have fun and see if any bugs move in!

Put on a show.

Make your own puppets for the show. You could use paper plates, lolly sticks, some old socks, toilet rolls. Think about what your show is going to be about, practice it and then it is…. performance time! You could even use a box for the stage and have some props. 

You could design and make your own summer drink.

You could try out different ingredients. Make it taste delicious! Remember to make a note of the ingredients so that you can make it again for other people to try.