Learning from home

Our Remote Learning Provision

Should your child be self-isolating at home, then we would like to direct our parents and carers to the online learning platform, Oak National Academy, which follows a national-based curriculum and may be viewed via: www.thenational.academy . Please notify the school if your child is learning from home, so we can then ask their class teacher to contact you to provide any further support.

Our Remote Learning Provision during lockdown

During the national lockdown, New Ash Green moved to remote teaching and learning using Microsoft Teams  Every pupil had access to an online team where they could join daily live lessons, watch pre-recorded sessions and access online activities.  Since the reopening of our school, our remote learning provision has adapted to suit the needs of our pupils.  In the event of a bubble closure, we are now utilising Teams to hold daily ‘catch-up’ sessions with the pupils, as well as directing them to online activities, such as through Oak Academy, that mirror the work they would complete at school.

Useful links to support learning from home

Keeping our pupils safe, happy and learning is at the heart of what we do.  Many of our ‘learning at home’ tasks and activities have suggested YouTube and website links, we are mindful that reinforcing our e-safety message is vital at this time.

Whilst teachers have checked the websites and YouTube links to ensure they are suitable, such platforms can change and we advise that parents and carers continue to have an overview of their children’s use of technology​.