New Entrants


Early Help in West Kent would like to support you to help your child(ren) be school ready.

Children need to practise and be confident in gross and fine motor skills. They need to be able to get dressed and undressed ready for school and for P.E. Although they do not need to write their names, it would be useful if they can recognise it on bookbags, clothing and pegs.

It is important to be able to be safe getting to and from school, and then being happy about separating from parents and carers when they arrive at school.

Being school ready also means being able to use the toilet, follow instructions, eat healthily and with cutlery, and have a good bedtime routine.

We can email a series of twelve short and fun activities to you with ideas for supporting your child(ren) throughout the six-week summer holidays.

These will include the following:


P.E. Day

Name Recognition

Toilet Tips and Hygiene

Let’s Get Dressed

It’s Lunchtime

Bath, Book, Bed

Safety to School

Memory Game

What’s in the Lunchbox?

Please complete this online form if you would like to receive 2 emails weekly throughout the summer holidays:

Online form for being School Ready