Our Ethos

  • Pupils at New Ash Green have a love of learning allowing them to achieve their full potential in their journey through life.
  • At New Ash Green, we thrive on enthusiasm, providing excellent teaching, helping parents support their children and ensuring equality of opportunities to progress and succeed.
  • Through inspirational leadership, staff and pupils are challenged to excel, and to achieve with confidence, in a supportive environment.
  • Pupils learn in a safe and caring environment, where there is a consistent approach to high standards of behaviour and well-being.
  • We value individuality, celebrate cultural differences and diversity and work in partnership with the village community.

School Charter

(The school developed this in relation to the UNICEF’s Rights and Responsibilities)

At New Ash Green Primary School we believe that rights are important. We believe that if we all stick to our responsibilities then we will have a school we can be proud of.

We have the right to learn.

We listen.

We behave sensibly and consider others.

We are proud of everything we do.

We have the right to be safe.

We follow instructions.

We walk around school.

We keep our school tidy.

We treat others as we want to be treated.

We have the right to enjoy our time at school.

We are enthusiastic about our learning.

We have a “can do” attitude.

We have the right to a voice.

We consider others before speaking.

We listen to others’ opinions.

We seek help when we need it.