Parents feedback

During the school year we hold workshops  to give parents the opportunity to see how learning has changed over the past years and therefore support their children at home.  These are informal and we have light refreshments which are free!  See the feedback below from parents who have attended our workshops.

Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
98% 1% 1% – sometimes
– loves it
– happy and talks highly of staff
– very happy
– ridiculously excited every morning and is sad when it’s the weekend
always goes in with a smile
-struggles with emotions but has a great relationship with teacher snd peers
– the school has a lovely nurturimg feel as soon as you walk in. It’s such a great environment
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
99% 1% – feels very safe
– keeps physically safe but also is a safe place to talk about her emotions – become more confident
– aware staff care about his well being – very aware of online safety and the school charter
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
97% 3% we believe he is not progressing as well as he should
– would like termly reports
– I have seen changes, keen to sing a new song or show me what he can do
– Excellent
– Learning a lot
– Really supportive
– Huge progress
– I receive weekly updates on reading
– targets are being met
– good feedback and help when requested
– contact book
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
95% 5% – has come a long way in his learning could do with more info/ updates

– always have updates and teachers approachable
– communication from the class teacher is excellent
– teachers and support staff are always happy to chat about anything
– good communication
– more specific feedback
– report was very general
– copied and pasted

Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
93% 7% – lots has been put in place
– using learning powers at home
– supported and given guidance
– level of support is excellent.
– We feel listened to
– extra strategies have been put in place to improve concentration
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
100% – brilliant
– lessons are creative
– teachers have been brilliant
– both fantastic teachers who seems to really care about the progress and well being of the children
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
98% 2% Sometimes distraction from other children means my child can’t concentrate
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
83% 17% – responses in relation to ‘not sure’ were to do with not having experienced bullying so didn’t know
– ‘very supportive and fast acting’
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
94% 6% – daughter is guided and shown the correct way
– leadership is excellent. The school is clearly well managed and organised
– very good
Agree Not sure Disagree Comment
98% 2% – never had any concerns
– any queries or concerns dealt with quickly
– I feel I am listened to and action taken
– responded brilliantly to any concerns
– school has been very supportive
– not all situations are thought through
What could we do better?
I am happy I changed my children to this school
Very happy
Keep up the good work
Happy parent
Great school, so happy we moved school
Thank you for doing a fabulous job!
Very pleased with the school – thank you
Happy with all aspects – keep up the good teaching
Really appreciate what you all doing

More play equipment on BH
Trim branches on BH
Meetings at times for all parents
Longer than 10 mins for consultations
More sports clubs for the younger ones at lunchtimes
Dogs and smoking at the gates
More notice for assemblies
Updates on progress in contact books
More sport
If you can arrange parents evening frequently it would be highly appreciated
A calmer less cluttered area to collect children from RW3
Not making children play out when very cold and snow is on ground
Parents forum on different days

What improvements can we make?

  • Parent’s evening  – a toy corner would be lovely
  • Could there be a different way of collecting children from RW3?  It is very difficult with a buggy in the alleyway
  • Ability to check dinner money account – very important
  • Children do not seem to get a chance to choose what they want for school dinner
  • Merit transparency
  • A proper sports day.  I think individual participation is just as important as teamwork
  • No football club for Year 3
  • Football club for Reception
  • Running Club
  • No smoking outside main gate – groups of mums (another parent put hear, hear!)
  • Not allowing parents to smoke just outside the school gate.  It doesn’t set a good example
  • No fine for taking kids out of school on holiday
  • Check the spelling on letters before they are sent out
  • For Harvest assemblies would the school consider having two shows so parents are not crammed in the hall and can actually see their children perform.  Consider the limit of people allowed in the space ie fire safety regulations.  As there were a lot of people for KS1 Harvest Assembly.  Would everyone be able to evacuate if needed in an emergency

Let us know your suggestions

  • Can children stand up for Harvest songs etc.  Very hard to see them
  • After school club (3 requests)

Let us know what is going well

  • Fantastic staff – helpful and very personalised comments and feedback/intervention.  Thank you
  • Friendly, knowledgeable caring staff who clearly work very hard
  • Very helpful staff and well organised school
  • Very happy with our daughter’s progress.  Lovely staff and lovely school.  Big thank you
  • We are very happy with our child’s progress.  The teachers are wonderful
  • Mrs Smith is a fantastic teacher
  • Staff are always ready to help and listen.  Our child loves her learning
  • All staff are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy to help