The Mechanics

In term 2, the Mechanics looked with curiosity at the topic of emotions in PSHE and how we can recognise different types from facial expressions and body language.

We challenged ourselves in dance lessons to think about how wild animals move around and worked with different partners to create our own movement piece.

In art, we were independent in creating secondary colours when combining the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow on a colour wheel. Finally, as part of the Christmas showcase, we were resilient and self-motivated to write and perform our very own poem.

In term 1, the Mechanics have been enjoying learning all about the Stone Age. During our Stone Age Day, we looked at Stonehenge and tried to recreate part of it on our playground.
We were impressed at how tall the rocks actually are! In our science, we have been curious about rocks and soils and started off this topic by examining different types of rocks and writing down any observations we could make about them.

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