Year 2 learning from home

Week beginning 18th January

Famous People

We will be learning about a famous author called Dick King Smith. 

We will be reading one of his stories called The Hodgeheg over the 

next two weeks. 

All the attachments are also available on Teams. 

English Learning: 

The focus of our English learning will be Dick King Smith and The Hodgeheg.

Monday 18th January

Our lesson will be on Teams today. 

Today’s focus: We will be reading the first chapter of The Hodgeheg. After this you will be writing a description of Max, the main character. 

If you would like to listen to chapter 1 again, here it is. 

Document 1 word bank (also on Teams)

Document 2 character description (also on Teams)

Tuesday 19th January

To use coordinating conjunctions (

(Please click on the link above)

Today’s focus:  learning about co-ordinating conjunctions which we will use in some our writing. We also call them ‘joining words’ and they make our writing more interesting to read. 

Wednesday 20th January

Our lesson will be on Teams today. 

Today’s focus: We will be learning about Dick King Smith and writing facts about him.

This website tells us all about Dick King-Smith. 

The ‘About’ section and ‘Did you know’ section will be particularly helpful. 

Perhaps you have one of his books at home.

Document 3 Dick King Smith word bank (also on Teams)

Document 4 Dick King Smith sheet (also on Teams)

Thursday 21st January

Spelling tricky words like ‘because’ and ‘beautiful’ – Year 2 – P3 – English – Catch Up Lessons – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

(Please click on the link above)

Today’s focus: spelling tricky words. Please click on the link above. There is a short video and then three activities for you to do. 

Yesterday we wrote about Dick King Smith. What can you remember about him?

Go to the quiz and answer the questions. All the answers are on the website. Hunt to find them all!

Friday 22nd January

Today’s focus: handwriting. You can choose the sheet with joined handwriting or not joined handwriting. You will also be drawing and then labelling a hedgehog. 

Document 5 Handwriting not joined (also on Teams)

Document 6 Handwriting joined (also on Teams)

Document 7 Hedgehog diagram (also on Teams)

Document 8 Hedgehog words (also on Teams)

Maths Learning:

This week, we will be focusing on multiplication. 

Monday 18th January

Using the multiplication symbol (

Lesson 1 (Please click on the link above)

Today’s focus: You will be recapping multiplication as repeated addition. You will also be describing arrays using the multiplication symbol.

Tuesday 19th January

Our lesson will be on Teams today.

Today’s focus: We will be describing and using arrays using the multiplication symbol.

Document 11 Arrays right or wrong

Wednesday 20th January

Using the division symbol when sharing (

Lesson 3 (Please click on the link above)

Today’s focus: You will be introduced to division as sharing a number of items equally between a number of groups. You will also practise writing division equations.

Thursday 21st January

Our lesson will be on Teams today.    

Today’s focus: we will continue to focus on multiplication and division and also remind ourselves that multiplication is commutative. 

Friday 22nd January

Finding related multiplication and division facts (

Lesson 7 (Please click on the link above)

Today’s focus: you will explore the relationship between multiplication and division to identify related facts. 

Maths key skills to practise during the week 


Click pupils – mental maths challenges – choose a level you have been on at school and click go. 

This really helps your recall of number facts and ability to use number facts. 

Place value

Focus on understanding how many hundreds, tens and ones a number has. This number has 2 ones and 3 tens – write the number. (23) This number has 4 tens, 2 hundreds and 3 ones – write the number 243. Adult can give the clues and then swap and child gives the clues. Write a number that has 8 tens, write a 2 digit number with 4 ones.

Halves of numbers

Use Hit the Button and practise halving numbers.

Other Activities:

Let’s Keep Active

You will be thinking of dance moves and then putting them together to make a fabulous dance! 

Document 9 Add it on

Have you ever been on an alphabet walk? You need to go for a walk and see if you can find something for each letter of the alphabet. This sounds challenging!

Document 10 Alphabet walk


This week, see if you can create a 3D hedgehog. You could even try creating Max and his family – Ma, Pa, Peony, Pansy and Petunia. 

Here are some ideas that you could use…

Pompom hedgehogs


In this lesson you will learn the difference between high and low sounds, how to identify them and how to use actions to show high and low. 

Please click on the link below: 

High and low sounds: Identifying them (


This week we are learning about the life of Dick King Smith.

You could also research how the number of hedgehogs has changed over the years.

In 1950 (71 years ago) do you think there were more or less hedgehogs in our country compared to 2021?

Open the attached link to find out the answer.

Why do you think the number of hedgehogs has decreased so much? 


One of your 2Dos this week will be to draw a hedgehog. I am looking forward to seeing them!

Remember to check out our blog each day, post a message on our blog and do some 2Dos.  


In this lesson, you will be talking about feelings and how people respond to them. You will meet Bobby and friends who will talk to you about how they feel and what they do when they feel different emotions. At the end you will write a letter to one of Bobby’s friends to help her feel better.

Feeling good (

Let’s be scientific!

We are learning about and investigating materials. This lesson is focusing on elasticity. You will test a variety of materials and will measure and compare their elasticity. Have fun investigating!  

Which material is the stretchiest? (