TERM 1All About me
PSEDFamilies and friends
PDLooking after our bodies
KUWExploring our senses
TERM 2Up in Space
PSEDRespecting our world and each other
PDFirework dances, junk modelling
KUWPlanets and stars, Christmas story
CDJunk model rockets, firework art, Christmas cards
TERM 3Bears Around The World
PSEDTreasured toys, teddy bear picnic-sharing
PDBear hunt adventures, Three Bears rap and dance
KUWBear habitats, food and features
CDRole-playing bear stories, making bear masks/puppets
TERM 4Nursery Rhymes
PSEDRhyming games, turn-taking and listening
PDMoving and movement
KUWHumpty Dumpty experiment, Jack and Jill water capacity
CDSinging rhymes from memory – musical instruments
TERM 5Jack and The Beanstalk Growing Tall
PSEDSharing likes and dislikes, talents and dreams
PDClimbing the beanstalk – obstacle course and climbing wall
KUWGrowing plants
CDRe-enacting Jack and The Beanstalk
TERM 6Under The Sea
PSEDRainbow fish, sharing games
PDTeam games, parachute and relay races
KUWUnderwater life, floating and sinking
CDPirate role play, making model boats, water painting art
girl blackboard
PSEDPhysical Social Emotional Development
PDPhysical Development
KUWKnowledge Understanding of the World
CDCommunication and Language