Well done Tristan!

A big well done to Tristan for winning first place in his latest show jumping competition, entitled: ‘Last Show before Lockdown’.  Tristan jumped 50cm at Willow Farm in Faversham. Very well done again to Tristan, a great achievement.

Louis’ Charity Haircut

Louis has been growing his hair for just over 2 years now and has decided to have it cut for the Little Princess Trust charity which makes wigs for children that lose their hair due to treatment or medication during illness. His mum wasn’t totally sure he would go through with it when it got to a certain length but nope he was certain he was going to grow it the full 7-10 inches. Even after the comments of “why’s there a girl playing on their football team? And “he looks like a girl” he just didn’t care because he knew why he was doing it and if they didn’t want to find out why and just wanted to judge then he was ok with that. When the time come to cutting the 8/9 inches off we contacted the charity and they said they had an abundance of that length and really needed 12-14 inches so he said let’s do it and so he carried on and on 26th September 2020 Louis cut off an amazing 14 inches of hair and after setting his target to £200 him and his sister that also decided to join in the week before the big chop raised an amazing £2000 for the little princess charity.

To say we are all proud is and understatement and off course his football team were all their by his side just like always.

Well done Louis.

The Gruffalo Opens our New Library!

  • The Gruffalo went to meet our Receptionist.

  • He visited our kitchen to see what we had for dinner.

  • The Gruffalo loved our computer suite!

  • Some children even gave him a hug!

  • He made us all smile.

  • The Gruffalo met our Headteacher and shook her hand!

  • He even used the Headteacher’s telephone!

  • He visited lots of classes too!

  • Here he is in our new library.

  • Goodbye Gruffalo, please come back soon!

  • Our Deputy Headteacher also joined in all the fun, she let him sit in her chair!

  • He came to our school assembly. We were very surprised!

  • Here he is with our School Council members.

  • The Gruffalo even met a tiny Gruffalo!

Free Books for Schools

We are collecting the Books for Schools vouchers which are being printed in The Sun Newspaper.  If we receive 3,500 vouchers, we will be able to obtain free books for our school.  If you see this in your newspaper, please could you send these vouchers to the school with your child, so we may be able to receive the total needed by Saturday 8th February 2020.  Thank you very much for your support.

Mock Election December 12

As part of their work around British Values, Year 6 planned, organised and took part in a mock election. The children formed political parties (Vision, Transform, Tomorrow and Progress) and created manifestos with their three key policies on.

They delivered party election broadcasts and a poster campaign to encourage the children in Hemstalls to vote. The children took part in the vote on Thursday 12th December and the winning party was Vision which was represented by Mr Finley Gibbons.

Congratulations to him and well done to all of the children involved and thank you to all who voted.