Learning to read is so very important because it unlocks the world around you. Not only in terms of accessing subjects within school, but also as a doorway to other realms, experiences and characters. Reading for pleasure enables children to experience and enjoy stories that they might not otherwise meet. By reading well-chosen books aloud, parents, carers and teachers help children to become part of communities of readers – ensuring that they can share in experiences of a wide repertoire of books they enjoy and get to know well.

At New Ash Green we actively promote reading for education and reading for pleasure. In this section of our website you will find tips on helping your child to read as well as a range of reading resources including the link to the Oxford Owl online texts and lists of suggestions for books that are suitable for different year groups.

Happy reading. 

Mrs Lednor

Reading Champion

Guide to Book chat


Book Chat


Top Ten Stortimes for 7-11 year olds


Top ten storytimes to enjoy


National Reading Together Day

Thursday 16th July is the first national Reading Together Day with a view to getting everyone reading. There are many resources online (as well as just being able to read together) including a treasure hunt:

Maybe you could make a blanket fort – indoors or out – and enjoy some time sharing a book. Or, if you haven’t already done so, it would be a good time to join the Silly Squad for the Library Summer Reading Challenge.

Have a good summer

Mrs Lednor

Reading Champion

Reading at New Ash Green

Reading for both education and for pleasure will remain as a huge focus at New Ash Green Primary in the Autumn Term. We are often asked to recommend books for the children to read, and so we are now delighted to be able to signpost you to the website

This website has a list of 100 books recommended for each year group. The lists do not include the likes of David Walliams and Michael Morpurgo because children will tend to choose these anyway. This list contains both classics and more modern texts and we will be introducing the children to these lists in September.

I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the lists.

Have a happy summer (with lots of reading!)

Mrs Lednor

Reading Champion​

Join the Silly Squad

As libraries start to reopen we can all start to borrow books again – with new guidelines. Now is the time (if you haven’t done so already) to join the Summer Reading Challenge. It is free to sign up and then children can read books from the library or via the County online library service. They get to pick their avatar and then earn virtual badges for reading awesome books.

Follow the link above for more details and to find how how to sign up.