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Blog- Friday 2nd July 

Reception have been learning about capacity in maths. They have been using water to explore this! In literacy they have created their own non-fiction booklets and have enjoyed making bookmarks in the orchard and spending time in the outdoor classroom.  Year 1 have been learning to find a quarter of amounts. In English, they have been retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been solving problems involving money this week and giving change. They have also written a story based in a castle.  

This week, Year 3 have very much enjoyed writing playscripts around a scene from their new book ‘I Was a Rat’. In maths they have started to tackle short division. 

Onto Year 4, in English they have been learning about the book Wolves. In maths, they have been curious when learning about different types of angles and how to identify them. 

Next, Year 5 are still enjoying reading ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and have thought of their own secret plans to save Ahmet. In maths, they have been working hard when conquering multiplication and division. 

Last but not least, in Year 6 we have been working hard when rehearsing for our end of year production. We have also continued to read Cogheart and have done algebra in maths. 

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More. 

By Chloe and Georgie

Head Girl and Head Boy

This week, Reception had great fun in their steel drum workshops! They enjoyed getting a chance to play the instruments as well as dancing to the music! 

Year 1 have been learning about the traditional tale of the gingerbread man and writing recipes using imperative verbs. In art they have been looking at Georgia O Keefe and recreating some of her work.  

The children in Year 2 have enjoyed learning about Henry VIII and writing a boastful speech as Henry. They have also been solving word problems and investigating materials.  

Next, Year 3 have been curiously discovering about the life of Althea Gibson and challenging themselves by investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 

Still in Bramleyham, Year 4 have been looking at plotting co-ordinates. In English, they have been writing the next chapter in the adventures of Edward Tulane.  

Onto Hemstalls, Year 5 have continued our learning about refugees and started reading the book ‘The boy at the back of the class.’ In maths they have extended their learning on perimeter and area. They thoroughly enjoyed our steel pan workshops this week and have completed the diversity coin competition.
Year 6 have enjoyed reading more of Cogheart this week. They are retelling part of the story from Lilly’s perspective. We all enjoyed the steel drum workshops and having a dance together! 

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More. 

By George S and Chloe S

Head Boy and Head Girl

During healthy week Reception were very creative and made Fruit faces before tasting them.  They were delicious! As they continue with their topic of Under the Sea they have enjoyed exploring with water and sand as well as sea creatures and taking them on sea adventures! Their story of the week is Tiddler and they created and wrote their own excuses why Tiddler was Late! Next, Year 1 have been learning about multiplication using groups and arrays. In English they have been writing their own fairy tale The Three Little Fish. The children in Year 2 enjoyed sports day. They also loved reading Herb the Vegetarian Dragon and writing as diary pretending to be Herb.   

On to Bramleyham, Year 3 enjoyed their first Sports Day in Key Stage 2. Everyone gave their very best and were really proud of all their achievements. They have also explored Healthy Eating Week and enjoyed eating the delicious fruit.  Down in year 4, they have been looking at finding equivalent fractions. In English, they are reading the story the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. 

In Hemstalls, year 5 have been continuing their work on The Journey and looking at the plight of refugees. Maths has seen them converting weights and measures. In science they have learnt about the different stages of human life and they all had a wonderful School Games Day on Tuesday. This week, Year 6 have been resilient when completing some end of year assessments in their classes. To celebrate Healthy Eating Week, we enjoyed sampling some delicious watermelon, pineapple and blueberries. They enjoyed taking part in the amazing sports day field activities, as well as an afternoon of races! 

Remember, Tgether Everyone Achieves More. 

By George S and Chloe S

Head Boy and Head Girl

This week in Reception they have enjoyed immersing themselves with our new topic of under the Sea! They have read the The Fish who could Wish and have written their own wishes of what they would like to be. In maths they have had so much maths learning fun, fishing for a numbered fish and saying one more than and one less than that number!  

Year 1 have been acting out the story of the Three Little Pigs and using adjectives to describe the big bad wolf! In maths they have been using their place value knowledge to work with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. In Year 2 the children have started learning about castles and have created a timeline. They already know facts about wooden and stone castles. 

Next, Year 3 have been writing descriptions of the colossal Iron Man; they have also been curious about how earthquakes happen and investigating the parts of a plant. Year 4 have been learning about how to write instructions. Theyhave also been learning how to solve two-step word problems in maths.   

In Hemstalls, Year 5 have started their new book The Journey, they have made some predictions at changed the family’s life for ever. They spent a sunny morning completing our outdoor-learning based capacity, mass and length. They have started thinking about our school games day next week and which events they would like to take part in.  Finally, Year 6 have enjoyed starting their new Geography topic, Rivers. In English, they have started to read a new book called Cogheart. They wrote a Trip Advisor review on Miss Octavia Scrimshaw’s Finishing School. 

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More. 

By George S and Chloe S

Head Boy and Head Girl






Blog- Friday 21st May 

This week in Roundwood, Reception have continued to learn about African animals in the Savannah and used their creative writing to describe animals and guess who they are! In maths they have been learning all about one more than and one less than numbers beyond 20! 

In Year 1, they have written their own Tinga Tale about why the butterfly has colourful wings. In maths they have been learning about capacity and volume and measuring this using non standard units.  

This week, the children in Year 2 have each written their own fable and have been drawing and using arrays whilst learning about multiplication.  

Next, Year 3 have been writing persuasive speeches to convince others that the dark should be banned, just like in the book The King Who Banned The Dark. They have also been challenging themselves with creating moving mechanisms.   

Furthermore, Year 4 have been learning all newspaper reports through the story of Varjak Paw. In maths, they have looked at capacity and converting between ml and litres. 

Year 5 have been learning about The Windrush in their English lessons and are reading a book called Windrush Child by Benjamin ZephaniaThey have had a very busy week taking part in the cross country and watching the Fantastic Fred workshop about keeping their mental health healthy.   

Lastly, year 6 have been enjoyed being creative in their English lessons this week. They created their own scene using pastels based on The Highwayman poem. We all challenged ourselves this week when running the cross country! 

Remember, together everyone achieves more. 

By Georgie W and Chloe S

Head Boy and Head Girl

Good morning, 

This week, Roundwood have been learning about the very special Nativity Story and enjoyed making and painting clay stars that they will take home to decorate their Christmas trees. 

 In Year 1, they have been having lots of fun filming their dances for the Key Stage 1 nativity. In maths, they have been learning about shapes and their properties. 

In Year 2, they have been busy filming ‘Christmas with the Aliens’. They have also been using written methods to add and subtract large numbers and writing poetry about dinosaurs. 

Next, Year 3 have been challenging themselves to with division in maths and curiously exploring the Great Barrier Reef to create a fact file in English. 

Year 4 have been sewing their poison dart frogs and learning how to thread needles and use a blanket stitch. In Geography we have learned about the animals of the rainforest and completed posters about them. 

Now in Hemstalls, Year 5 have almost finished reading Shakleton’s Journey and been enjoying recording the events of the crew members in their log books. In Maths they have been reading line graphs. Both classes have enjoyed recording their parts for the KS2 Christmas Show. 

Finally, Year 6 have been publishing their retelling of A Christmas Carol. They have enjoyed playing the trading game and learning about trade in Geography. Both classes enjoyed their Christmas parties on Wednesday. 

Remember, together everyone achieves more. 

In Reception, they have been using repeated patterns to make paper chains for Christmas decorations. They have also been wishing upon a star. This week in Year 1 we have been creating missing posters for the bear’s teddy and in maths we have been learning about division as sharing. In Year 2 they have been busy practising for their Nativity performance. They have also been writing a story based on Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs.

In Year 3 they have been learning about multiplication and using arrays in maths. In English they have been looking at the poetry and writing their own versions. Finally, in Geography they have been looking at Ordnance Survey maps of New Ash Green. Year 4, have been writing persuasive letters to the main character in our book, The Great Kapok Tree, desperately trying to save the tree from being felled. This has linked to their rainforest work; in geography they have found out about the different layers of the forest.  They have also enjoyed creating our advent candles – inspired by Seurat’s pointillism.  Year 5 have been learning about Shackleton’s journey to Antarctica and have taken on the role of one of his crew. In science they have looked at which materials would keep Shackleton’s tea warm for the longest! In maths they have been recapping our knowledge of negative and prime numbers. In Year 6 we have been reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In maths we have been looking at finding the nth term in algebra.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More.

This week has been another busy week! Reception have been reading ‘The Owl who was Scared of the Dark’. Also, they have made their own telescope to look at the stars. Next, Year 1 have been writing stories about a time they lost a toy. In maths they have been challenging themselves to count in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. Also, they are beginning to understand multiplication as repeated addition. In Year 2, they have used salt dough to make a dinosaur egg. They have been learning times table facts in maths. Year 2 have been self-motivated in making their writing interesting to read.

Now on to Bramleyham. Year 3 have been performing poetry written by Joseph Coelho. They have been curious when exploring the Great Wave by Hokusai. Year 4 have been challenging themselves when analysing poetry. In maths, they have been learning about symmetry and angles. In Hemstalls, Year 5 have started to read Shackleton and in maths they have been learning about time. Finally, Year 6 have been learning how to solve problems with ratio in maths. In English they have been using their independence to rewrite The Tempest by William Shakespeare from the perspective of Caliban, who is half sea monster half human.

Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More.

Boy drawing