Teaching and Support staff

ClassTeacherSupport StaffYear GroupNumber of Children
R3Mrs HussainMrs K CalowReception30
R4Miss O SmithMrs C GibbsReception30
R1Mrs GingellMrs Law and Miss WillsYear 230
R2Miss WattsMrs OakleyYear 230
R5Mrs WheatcroftMrs Jones and Mrs WebbYear 128
R6Miss R TaylorMrs Feller, Mrs Webber and Mrs Van HesterenYear 128
B3Mr NurdinMrs OsiboduYear 330
B4Mrs Matharu and Mrs BassettMrs StnaleyYear 330
B1Mr JordanMrs DellYear 430
B2Mrs Goss and Mrs DavinMrs HeelanYear 429
H1Miss McCannMrs Mayo
Year 625
H2Mrs NurdinMrs CorleyYear 623
H3Miss BassantMrs CordingleyYear 531
H4Mrs LednorMiss MillgateYear 530

Curriculum roles in the school

Miss S LednorKS2, English Lead, E-safety, NQT Induction, Apprentice Lead
Mrs S GingellFS and KS1, Maths, NQT Induction, KS1 Moderation
Mrs S GossEnlgish, LAC, EVO, PP, Champion
Mrs H DavinPastoral Lead and Behaviour, Higher Ability Lead, NQT Induction, MDS, Feedback on Learning, Graduate Teacher, Lead Curriculum
Mr L JordanRE, Philosophy for Education, Worship
Mrs C NurdinScience, Healthy Schools, Sustainability Lead, KS2 Moderation
Mrs S BassettGeography, Global Learning
Miss A BassantPE
Mrs S HussainArts Lead and Art Display, DT
Mrs A WheatcroftHistory
Mr M NurdinHistory (to shadow Mrs Wheatcroft)
Mrs J MatharuMusic
Miss O SmithECO, PSHE
Miss S McCannModern Foreign Language (MFL), Gifted and Talented, Higher Ability
Miss R TaylorEco/Sustainability
Miss K WattsWOW

Project Teams

Mrs S Goss, Mrs C Cain, Mrs J Wilkinson, Mrs C Nurdin, Miss A Bassant and Mrs R SmithPupil Premium
Miss S McCann, Mrs R Morsman, Mr L Jordan, Mrs H Davin, Mrs C Clark, Mrs J Matharu and Mrs S GingellHigher Ability

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team
Mrs H Davin, Mrs T Church, Mrs J Humphreys, Mrs B Evans, Mrs G Ham

New Curriculum

New Curriculum
Mrs H Davin, Mrs S Bassett, Mr M Nurdin, Mrs A Wheatcroft