Teaching and Support staff


Mrs C A Cain

Deputy Head

Mrs H Davin

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs C A Cain, Mrs H Davin,  Mrs B Evans, Mrs S Goss, Mrs S Gingell and Mrs S Lednor


Mrs Bel Evans (SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead). Contact details: 01474 873858 Press no. 5 for direct line.

Teaching Staff

Reception – Mrs Hussain
Reception – Miss O Smith
Year 1 – Mrs R Morsman/Mrs L Welch
Year 1 – Miss R Taylor
Year 2 – Miss R Smith/Mrs O Raymond
Year 2 – Mrs S Gingell
Year 3 – Mr M Nurdin
Year 3 – Mrs Bassett/Mrs O Raymond
Year 4 – Mr L Jordan
Year 4 – Mrs S Goss/Mrs H Davin
Year 5 – Miss S Bassant
Year 5 – Mrs S Lednor
Year 6 – Miss S McCann
Year 6 – Mrs C Nurdin

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Calow, Mrs C Gibbs, Mrs Law, Miss Wills, Mrs Oakley, Mrs Jones, Mrs Webb, Mrs Feller, Mrs Webber, Mrs Van Hesteren, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Dell, Mrs Heelan, Mrs Mayo, Mrs Corley, Mrs Cordingley, Miss Millgate, Mrs Gallimore, Mrs Donno, Mrs Stanton, Mrs O’Reilly

Office Staff

Office Manager – Mrs J Gorin

Data Manager – Mrs K Norman

Admin Officer – Mrs K Colebrooke-Taylor

Admin Assistant – Mrs J Goodey

Site Manager – Mrs Z Anderson

Family Liasion Officer – Mrs T Church

Pastoral Team

Mrs H Davin, Mrs T Church, Mrs J Humphreys, Mrs B Evans, Mrs G Ham

Mid-day Meals Supervisors

Mrs J Doherty-Winch, Mrs S Webb, Mrs S Webber, Mrs L Van Hesteren, Mrs C Donno, Mrs A Holmes, Mrs K Cross, Mrs T Feller, Mrs C Gibbs, Mrs T Gallimore, Mrs S Height, Mrs J Corley, Mrs J Sharpe, Mrs A Palumbo, Mrs C Stanton, Mrs K Wills, Mrs P O’Reilly, Mrs E Doye, Mrs L Collins


Mrs J Sharpe, Mrs S Farrell
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