New Ash Green school reception

Reception learning from home

How to add an observation to your child’s Tapestry Journal

Reception – Week beginning 01/03/21

In Reception part of our curriculum is learning through play. It would be great if you could continue to scaffold your children’s learning based on their own interests as well as these exciting activities based on the Early Years Curriculum. 

We are looking forward to viewing and reading about your learning from home via Tapestry. Please share what you are getting up to by creating your own observations. 

Please note: Live lesson times will now be 10 am and 11 am for RW3 and RW4!

Our topic this term is ‘In the Garden’ where we will be exploring the world of mini beasts and learning all about plants and flowers growing.

Please remember Parent Consultations will be taking place this week on Teams.

English Learning: 

The story of the week this week is ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’.

You could read this at home if you have the book or use the link below.

We will also be reading it together in our live lesson on Monday.


Questions based on the story clip: 

What animal did Jack’s Mother ask him to take to the market?

What did Jack swap the cow for?

How did Jack’s Mother feel when she saw the beans?

What grew in the garden?

When Jack climbed up the beanstalk, what did he find at the top?

Who lived at the top of the beanstalk? 

What did Jack take from the castle? 

Please use phase 2 and 3 sound mats to support your child’s recognition of sounds for writing. When sounding out a word, please encourage your child to independently find the sound and write it. Even if not all sounds are heard and the words are not spelt correctly, it is really important that children begin to independently write at this stage. 

Monday 22th February 

11am Live lesson we will be focusing sharing the story of the week ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ and ordering the story to make a story map. Please use Document 2. 

Tuesday 23rd February 

10 am Today’s live lesson will have a focus on our sounds of the week ‘oa’ and ‘igh’  Please use Document 3 for ‘oa’ sound. 

Wednesday 24th February 

11am Today’s live lesson we will be focusing on using our imagination to imagine a giant beanstalk has grown in the garden! If you were to climb up the beanstalk, what would you like to find at the top? 

Please use Document 1. 

Thursday 25th February 

10 am Today’s live lesson will have be focusing on World Book Day! We can all dress up as a character from a book that we enjoy and share our costumes and something we like about the character and the book we have chosen. Can you design your own book cover for your chosen book? Please use Document 4. 

Friday 26th February  

10am During this live lesson we will be focusing on our phonics sounds of the week ‘oa’ and ‘igh’. Please use Document 5


Our sounds of the week are ‘oa’ and ‘igh’, please also revisit phase 2 sounds. 


Sound of the week ‘oa’  sound Mr Thorne Phonics- Geraldine Giraffe


Can you read and colour the phase 3 tricky words? 

Please use Document 10. 

Please join in with phase 2 and 3 jolly phonics


Sound of the week ‘igh ’ Geraldine Giraffe.


Can you read the words with the ‘igh’ sound? Can you colour in the real words one colour and the pretend words another colour? Please see Document 11. 


Please see Friday’s literacy for phonics session. 


Daily Reading at Home

Please continue with your daily reading using Oxford Owls.

Oxford Owls allows you to access and read books of the same colour band that your child is reading at school. 

This week’s maths focus is measuring.

Monday 22nd February 

10am Today’s live lesson will be focusing on measuring items around the house using non-standard units. 

Tuesday 23rd February 

11am Today’s live lesson will have be focusing on measuring beanstalks using non-standard units. Please use Document 6.

Wednesday 24th February 

10am During our live lesson today we will continue to learn more about measuring. We will be comparing lengths using Conner the Caterpillar. Please use Document 7.

Thursday 25th February 

11am In today’s live lesson for World Book Day we will work as a team to make a block diagram to share which stories we have enjoyed the most during our home learning.

Friday 26th February 

11am Today’s live lesson will be a focusing on adding. We will add using our ‘magic beans’. Please use Document 8 and 9 to play I spy and add.  

Followed by show and tell!

Other Activities 

Let’s keep active!

See if you can keep fit with Joe Wicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. 

Please continue with Cosmic Kids yoga: Stella the stick insect-

Expressive arts and design

Can you paint your favourite book characters? 

Can you design and draw your own book mark to use? 

Understanding of The World

Can you grow your own beans? You could use kitchen roll, water and a jar or plastic bag and follow the instructions on this video.  


This week please discuss with your child about returning to school. YAY!!! We are so excited about  being back together, but it may make us feel a little nervous after being at home for so long. We are looking forward to seeing all the children and seeing them reunite with their friends. If there are any worries that you or your child has about returning to school please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

You could make your own lockdown caterpillar drawing pictures of the things you have enjoyed whilst learning at home. Please use Document 12.