Roundwood One Learning From Home

Week beginning 14.12.20

We would have been doing lots of fun Christmas things at school this week so I really hope you can all try to have a fun Christmas themed week at home. All the activities below link to Christmas.

We will make our moving dinosaur scenes when we are back at school because I know you were all looking forward to that activity. I am going to think of other things I can get as well to make them even more brilliant! You will be able to take them home for your family to admire.

Instead of having a Christmas party, we will have a New Year Party and say hello to 2021. We will make it even better than a Christmas party!

Parents… Oak Academy is also available to use if you wish. If you click on the ‘schedule’ tab and then ‘Year 2’, there is a maths and English lesson for each day of the week.


Here are some English activities that you might enjoy.

The Mystery of the Hungry Elf

It is your job to discover which elf has eaten all the cookies. You need to solve each clue before Father Christmas finds out what has happened. Good luck!

Document 1 The Mystery of the Hungry Elf

Document 2 has lots of different activities for you to try. You will need to unjumble letters to make words, complete a crossword, make compound words (a longer word made up of two smaller words e.g. snowflake) and think about nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Document 2 KS1 Christmas Word Fun

Document 3 has lots of English activities and they particularly focus on comprehension. It would be helpful to work with an adult to help you read words you are not sure of.

Document 3 English Activities

Click on the link the below. There are so many English activities on here that I think you would enjoy.

Christmas Games and Activities – Topmarks Education

Let’s keep active!

Perhaps you could join in with this dance routine for Jingle Bells!

Jingle Bells Christmas Dance with Easy Dance Moves 2020 Christmas Dance Crew – Bing video

Here are some more Christmas songs with words and actions Have fun!

Christmas Dance Songs for Kids Playlist | 9 Top Kids Christmas Songs – Bing video

See if you can join in with the Christmas exercise on the link below. You might even see Father Christmas.

Christmas Exercise for Kids | Winter Indoor Workout for Children | No Equipment PE lesson for Kids – Bing video

Other Activities:


Christmas Fortune Teller

You need to follow the instructions to make this fortune teller and then you can see if people can guess the clues!

Document 7 Fortune Teller

Cut and stick Christmas

You need to cut out the shapes and make the Christmas pictures. Careful cutting!

Document 8 Cut and stick Christmas

Spiral Father Christmas

Cut along the lines to make this spiral Father Christmas. Check where you need to cut before you start. It is easy to make a mistake with this.

Document 9 Spiral Father Christmas

Christmas Headbands

See if you can make some Christmas headbands. You could have fun pretending to be the different characters!

Document 10 Christmas Headbands

3D Christmas Tree

See if you can follow the instructions and make a 3D Christmas Tree.

Document 11 3D Christmas Tree


Have fun singing Christmas carols and songs. You can use the PE links and sing along whilst exercising.


Have a look at the attached PowerPoint and learn about Christmas around the world.

Document 12 Christmas Around the World


I will set some 2Dos for you on Purple Mash.

Remember to look at our class blog as well. You can send me messages, tell me about what you have been doing and ask questions on here.


Birds are often hungry at this time of year. Perhaps you can be kind and feed the birds in your garden or you could make a Christmas bird feeder for them to enjoy.

Document 13 Christmas Bird Feeder

Maths Learning

Here are some Christmas maths activities for you to try.

This activity will help you to practise times tables. Remember to count on your fingers if you do not know the answer. For example, 3 x 5 put up three fingers and count in 5s. The more you practise the better and quicker you will get. You all amazed with our 5 minute times table challenge on Thursday and Friday!

Document 4 Christmas Times Tables

There are lots of Christmas activities on Document 5 focusing on addition and subtraction. You could choose some to complete. Please do not complete pages 13, 14 and 15 as we do not use this method at the moment.

Document 5 Year 2 Christmas Maths

The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer Bells

A naughty elf has hidden all of the bells and the reindeer need them to fly. It is your task to read the clues and find out which elf is the culprit.

Document 6 The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer Bells

Click on the link the below. There are so many maths activities on here that I think you would enjoy.

Christmas Games and Activities – Topmarks Education

Let’s be scientific!

See if you can make some Christmas tree slime!

Document 14 Christmas Tree Slime