Year 2 learning from home

RW1 23rd and 24th November

English Learning

When we are back in school later this week, we will be writing about the amazing spinosaurus!

Perhaps you could research spinosaurus and watch some video clips.

I have attached a drawing of spinosaurus. Please use the words on page 2 to label the drawing. Perhaps you could use a ruler to draw a line from your words to the correct part of the drawing.

Document 1 Label spinosaurus

Please use document 2 and write some facts in note form around the picture of spinosaurus. I have included some ideas but I am sure you can find many more interesting facts. You do not need to write in sentences, just notes.

Document 2 Spinosaurus facts

Other Activities:

Let’s Keep Active
I know you all enjoy Go Noodle so you might like to use it at home.


You could try and draw a spinosaurus!

A person on the video below shows you how to draw this dinosaur.

We are going to use salt dough at school later this week and make a dinosaur egg each. Later this term, we will be making a moving dinosaur scene and I am really looking forward to it!


We are going to pretend to be palaeontologists when we are back at school later this week! You could listen again to the song below.


I have left this on here in case you did not get time to do it last week.

You labelled continents on a map of the world recently. I have found out in which continents some dinosaurs used to live.

See if you can cut out the dinosaurs and stick them in the correct place on the map.

You might need to fold them in half.

Document 3 Map of the World

Document 4 Dinosaur Map 2


I will set some more 2Dos for you. I have been so impressed by everything you have done so far. You have taught me lots of new facts about dinosaurs! You can send messages on our blog as well and comment on what other people have posted.

Maths Learning

Being able to tell the time is a brilliant skill to have.

Please use some of the lessons on Oak Academy and develop your ability to tell the time.

I wonder how many clocks you have in your home. I have just noticed that my oven has a digital clock.

Let’s be scientific!

I think you will enjoy the link below on BBC Bitesize.

There is an educational game about dinosaurs and a video about how fossils can be formed.

The link below shows how to make a pretend fossil. It is so exciting and quite easy. You might enjoy trying this at home and I think we will do this at school as well because it looks fun!

You could open document 3 and match the fossils and dinosaurs.

Document 5 Dinosaur fossils