The Butterfly Lions

Hello and welcome to The Butterfly Lions. We love learning and we use our school’s core values every day. This year, we are going to be learning about the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the rainforest.

We spent time researching the many different layers of the rainforest. We became familiar with all sorts of vocabulary and made a display for a word bank.

We have also used our reading skills to identify what the different layers of the rainforest would look like and where they would be located. In English, we read the book called: The Best Christmas present in the World by Michael Morpurgo. We then used this story to imagine that we were soldiers in World War One and writing letters home to our loved ones.

In history, we designed our own shields to coincide with the work that we did the previous term on the Anglo-Saxons and the Battle of Hastings. We spent time evaluating the shields that we made. We did this by reflecting on what went well and what we would do differently next time.

Welcome to Bramleyham 1