The Jeffers

Hello, we are the Jeffers! We are named after the creative author Oliver Jeffers, whose stories have already filled out class with many adventures.  We have leapt back in time for many more adventures with pre-historic dinosaurs and kings, queens and castles.  We are enjoying our learning in Year 2 and love to share all the research we have found on our topics.

Term 4

In term four we have dived into our new topic Ocean Warriors. We have been travelling  the world’s five oceans and exploring the incredible animals and their habitats under the sea.  We have focused on how we can protect our oceans from harmful pollution and studied the awful effects that pollution has caused in the oceans already. The Jeffers Class have really enjoyed our visit from KIC theatre. During our visit we were able to immerse themselves into ocean life.

The Jeffers Class all had a great time getting involved in world book day! We were all able to explore and share our favourite book characters and collected data to find out which class book we enjoyed the most!

Term 3

Welcome to Roundwood 2