The Firebirds

The Firebirds have enjoyed learning all about the rainforest in Topic this term.

We have explored tropical rainforests such as the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, South America and the Sumatra Rainforest in Borneo, Malaysia and what animals live there. We even sewed our very own tropical frog!

Did you know a rainforest has 4 layers? These are the emergent layer, the canopy, the under-storey and the forest floor. We enjoyed making fact files all about the rainforest and learning about deforestation and why we need to protect our precious trees.

The Firebirds have been using their core curriculum values to help them to grow their brains. We have been earning apples as part of our classroom display through achievements in lessons where we display curiosity, resilience, challenge, independence, self-motivation and inspiration! We also enjoy looking after our wellbeing through the six ways to wellbeing by: taking notice in our lessons, connecting with our peers at playtimes and in class with learning partners, staying active through P.E lessons and always challenging our learning from column subtraction in maths to practising to play the recorders in music!

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