The Morpurgo Class

Based in Bramleyham 2 classroom, we are The Morpurgo Class.

In our classroom you will find meet a group of very talented children – authors, athletes, historians, number detectives, musicians and many more!
We are working hard to ‘be the best we can be’, fully embracing our curriculum core values and (most importantly) ensuring we enjoy our learning!

Term 3

The Morpurgo Class enjoyed their Viking workshop day. They completed a variety of activities including: making shields, designing their own figureheads, sewing a longship sail, making a weave on a loom and building a lifesize Viking longship! A great day was had by all the children!

Term 2

As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, Year 4’s enjoyed our Battle of Hastings re-enactment!

In Science, we have been investigating how to make a complete circuit which lights up bulbs and sets off buzzers. We also experimented how to make our own switches.

Welcome to Bramleyham 2