Welcome to Roundwood 3

The Peter Rabbits

Welcome to Peter Rabbits Reception class.

Peter Rabbits Class have been immersing themselves in our stimulating classroom inside and outside.  We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ‘Ourselves’ topic where we learnt all about Ourselves, how we can keep our bodies and mind healthy as well as learning about our Five Senses! Peter Rabbits Class had so much fun drawing and collaging our own skeletons!

This term our topic of ‘Space’ has created such an interest and enthusiasm for children, we used props to take us into Space just like the story ‘Whatever Next’ and decided what and who we would take to space.  Peter Rabbits Class continue to be creative and painted the solar system, which is displayed in the home corner where children enjoy taking their own adventures into space!
We have also been inspired by Kandinsky in Maths, a famous artist who used abstract art, a combination of colours, lines and shapes.  We created our own artwork using a range of media from 2D shapes, printing, painting collaging to create our own classroom gallery!
We look forward to the wonderful year ahead where we will continue to explore and investigate and continue to develop our love of learning!