The Seusses

Hello we are The Seusses! We are named after the wonderful author Dr Seusses, who has written many amazing books, which we love to read! We are very excited about being in Year 1 and are having are blast already learning about Space. We are a class full of curiosity and enjoy learning both inside and out. We love to investigate ideas surrounding our topics and really like to get stuck right in! We cannot wait to share our learning across the school and with our friends and family!

Term 2

Showing the children improving their sketching skills and drawing some fruit and making a sandwich for a pirate adventure.

In term ​1 we learnt all about space. We created our own aliens hideouts and also acted out how we would be feeling if we were being blasted off into space!

This term we learn about toys past and present. We designed and created our own moving toys.

Welcome to Roundwood 6