The Claudes

Welcome to The Claudes!

This term we have been learning about ‘Toys from the Past’. We have had time to get hands-on with old toys and talk about the differences between them and our favourite toys now. We have learnt about the different materials that toys were made from and have compared that information to the toys we have in school to see if there were any differences.

In English, we have been looking at the book ‘Traction Man is Here!’. We have explored the story in a range of ways. We have completed hot seating activities where we took turns to pretend to be Traction Man and our partner had to think of questions to ask us – some of them were very tricky! We also used a range of toys to help us act out scenes from the story so we could practice doing voiceovers.
In PE, we have been doing ‘Infant Agility’. We have had a range of stations set up in the hall every Friday for us to practice and improve our balance and coordination. We have been trying to improve our aim by throwing bean bags into hoops and throwing javelins. We have been working on our coordination by completing stepping activities and using the ActivAll Boards.

We have had such a wonderful start to Year 1. We have blasted off into our learning as well as taking a rocket to the moon! We have been learning about the history of space travel and learning about key events, like the Moon Landing. We recreated the Moon Landing using our brand-new rocket – the moon is very dusty!

We have been using our core value of independence in our maths and English learning. We have been using a range of manipulatives to help us work more independently. We have enjoyed using double-sided counters and cubes to help us with adding numbers together and partitioning numbers in different ways.

We have been getting creative in art, exploring different ways of painting. We tried splatter painting, blowing bubbles in paint and printing with foil. In Music, we have been enjoying using the Boom Whackers to play different tunes.

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