The Percy Jacksons

We are the Percy Jacksons, and we cannot wait to see what challenges Year 5 has in store for us. This year we will use our school core values to become more independent and curious learners.
Our topics this year include The Tudors, Climate Change, Ancient Greeks and The United Kingdom.

Term 2

During Term 2 we have had a lot of fun with our science lessons focussing on properties and changes of materials. We have enjoyed experimenting with how substances can change from a solid or a liquid as well as looking at conductors and insulators.  We have enjoyed getting outside to extend our learning and we even learnt how to use a compass.
Our English this term has been based on the book Shackleton’s Journey and we have all loved being a different crew member on board the ship and keeping a diary to track the events.

Term 1

This term we have been learning all about the Tudors. We have enjoyed becoming more independent and self-motivated learners in all our lessons especially our maths. During this term, we have also enjoyed working together to create artwork and to carry out different science experiments linked to our topic of Earth and Space.

Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park

Welcome to Hemstalls 3