Walliams Workers

We are the Walliams workers who enjoy working hard. We try to use all of our core values every day to help us to improve our learning. Each day we are challenging ourselves to run the daily mile to keep our minds and body fit. Our class enjoys working together as team to encourage and support each other. At the end of each day we are really enjoying reading some of David Walliams books.

Term 3

This term the Walliams Workers have enjoyed starting their topic on the Ancient Greeks. They have found out all about the Gods and the differences between Athens and Sparta. In art the children have made their own paper mache vases and to finish the term enjoyed doing a class assembly sharing their learning about Ancient Greece.

The children have started having their weekly violin lessons with Mrs Love. They have started looking at the different strings and recognising beats in a bar.  Next step is trying to use the bow.

In Science they children have been learning about changing states, each week they have carried out experiments to understand the different properties of a solid, liquid and gas. In these pictures they were trying to separate mixtures using a range of equipment.

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